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Fan Recaps and Comments:

A cold wintery night searching for the Institute led us to a large queue outside of what appeared to be an old church. Indeed we were at the correct place, but excitement led to panic as everyone was being searched on the way in.

As I intended to tape the gig, a very rapid decision was made to hide the recorder in my underwear. Thankfully even the most thorough bouncer will never search in that region!!

14 years on its hard to recollect the gig, i shall have to route out the tape....nonetheless i remember having a huge smile on my face all the way through the setlist.

Mr Tuck

I was 19 when I saw this gig and I agree with the guy above it was brilliant. Just look at that set list, not a weak song there at all and yet I remember feeling sorry for the band. I went alone that night because no one else wanted to go. The musical landscape had changed and the grunge was now king. The Giants had been hot in the Uk in 1989 and 1990 but it was mistake to play Birmingham before they'd released any new material (I think I'm right on this). It was also a week night and I don't remember there being a long queue at all, in fact it was the quietest Giants gig I've ever been too and I think both Giants were a bit shocked (2 years previously they'd played two nights sold out and it was packed). Flans kept the energy levels up and got the crowd going (we were cold) but you could see the disappointment on their faces. I remember them playing She's Actual Size with Flans playing a Mini-drum set and a great version of shoehorn with teeth. I never saw them play as a twosome again, as they'd recruited a band for the John Henry tour, but what people forget is that all the live songs back then had very different arrangements. Where your Eyes Don't go being a good example and they were better just the two of them. I'd love to see a Giants gig with just the Giants again. I'm originally from Birmingham and they've obviously got long memories as they've never played the city since...

I was there, but had to leave before the end as the last train back to London was quite early. Its an awfully long time ago now and although I do clearly remember them being totally awesome as a duo that is about all I can recall after 23 years. Dr Raygun 4 May 2015.