Lyrics Talk:Till My Head Falls Off

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I don't hear "more forgetful then yourself" I think it's something like "more clever then yourself"

No, it's definitly "forgetful". And... I don't hear "yet" after "I'm not done talking..." My faulty ears? --Lemita 08:56, 26 Jun 2006 (MDT)

"And I'm hitting them again but I don't know where I put my notes"[edit]

Are we sure about this line? I've always heard: "And I'm READY TO BEGIN but I don't know where I put my notes"

It's a follow-on to the previous lyric: "Hitting every pocket in my shirt, pants and overcoat," and goes with the theme of senility and confusion. He's already hit his pockets looking for his notes once, but does it again, either absentmindedly or because he already forgot he did it the first time (yes, I know he's singing that he did it already, but it works in the realm of the song). -- CJSF (talk) 09:30, 9 July 2013 (EDT)