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i just happened to see the lyrics page here and it occurred to me to wonder if "we take you to brooklyn" is indeed what that voice at the beginning is saying... i'd never really thought about it very carefully but i assumed it was something more along the lines of "we'll take you to brooklyn"... working with that clip of the song i am unable to make it stand out from the background any more (as it is very centered in the channels)... but perhaps it is a sample from something else, and not just something the johns recorded? anyone have any thoughts/ideas/conjectures/cookies on the matter? --ant 20:09, 10 October 2009 (UTC)

Much later, but: I have never heard any "ll" sound between "we" and "take"; and, I just listened to it repeatedly again to be sure. I agree that it could be from a different recording though; the intonation does not sound like either of them -- it sounds like an old radio announcer.