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i think they might be saying "truck" instead of "jub" and could be refering to when they got gas siphoned from they're truck before the show at leeds. but what do i know.--2sheds

"Truck," eh? I had thought it was "drum." Hard telling. For that matter, it almost sounds like "drunk." --Bryce

I think the song has more to do with the fact that someone broke into their vehicle and tried to syphon off their fuel. The Giants loathed the gig and when they hit London for the Astoria gig they made it quite clear to the crowd there just how much they'd disliked the experience of Leeds. "We're never going back." being the gist of it. - Mr Tuck

I have taken the liberty of editing the lyrics as They do indeed sing "truck truck truck truck truck truck truck Fuel tank!" in reference to the incident in the parking lot. I have also changed the first word of the song to 'ball', instead of 'bar', because while Linnell does appear to sing 'bar' three times in the Venue songs version, this is the sound-check recording and on the night (I was at the show and have bought the recording from the site) he sang 'ball' which is a reference to the disco-ball at the venue (it is the ball that is "spinning around and around"!) During the show he pointed around the room as he sang the words, and as The Leeds Irish Centre also has 2 bars it seems most feasible that he only intended to sing "bar" twice. Interestingly, if you listen to the show you will hear Linnell ask for the stage lights to be turned up so that he can read his "crib notes" (lyric sheet) for this song, so perhaps he was aware that he sang it wrong at soundcheck. I feel that this way the lyrics now reflect what Linnell wrote and also performed for the audience at the venue. - Darrell