Lyrics:Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes

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Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes
By: They Might Be Giants feat. Homestar Runner
Year: 2004

Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! I'm tellin' bad jokes now, Really bad jokes now, Tells a bad joke to me, Girl! Lady! Why did something cross the road, I don't know, Make it up, Bad jokes, come on, Some people walk into a bar... Bad jokes! Somethin' happens... And all three of different ethnic backgrounds... Maybe religious backgrounds... It's gonna be funny... But only to you! Bad jokes!

FLANSBURGH: Bad jokes!

Bad jokes! Come on! Knock knock! Who's there?

FLANSBURGH: Who's there?

I dunno man! A bad joke! Gimme some spice! Spice! Ow!

(Marty Beller plays a drum solo, and there is a short instrumental break.)

Oh, we tell a bad jokes now! Really bad jokes now! We always tellin' bad jokes! I told a good joke once... I had the audience in the palm of my hand! They was laughin'... (Johns laughter) I can't remember the punch line... But, you know, I killed 'em. I got the game! I'm really great at tellin' bad jokes, I'm tellin' bad jokes now, The ones you've heard a million times, The kind of jokes that little kids tell ya, Why was I stapled to the chicken? I don't know man, I wasn't stapled to any chicken!

FLANSBURGH: Nice belt!

Nice belt man! Bad jokes, Bad bad jokes, Uh!

Solid! That's pretty good, guys. Layin' it down back there.

BELLER: Nice belt!

On the skins— I—

BELLER: (whispers) Nice belt!

(whispers to himself) Nice belt...? ...Nice belt indeed!