Lyrics:Best Of Spin The Dial

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Best Of Spin The Dial
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2001

[Radio broadcasts in quotation marks. Everything outside quotation marks spoken or sung by Mr. John Flansburgh.]

On. Off. On. "Spirit coming from the Father..." Off.

Let's play Spin the Dial, shall we, fellas?

"...on upon your favored people May your blessings be outpoured..." Outmoded form of singing Archaic and strange Never to return to Earth Except in your bad dreams "Help me, help me, help me," you cry But no one comes to your aid The archaic voice of the past Will never be forgiven

" please have a little pity Pity on me..."

"...J.B.R., J.B. Robinson—J.B. Robinson..."

"...The shades go down, it's in her head..." I'm blind, I'm so blind I'm a lonely man And I'm singin' like a blind guy I'm singin' like I'm blind And I'm old I'm so fuckin' old I'm blind with long scraggly hair And I live in a cave I live in a cave with all my monkey friends This is an honest reflection of my personal expression I've got long blonde flowing hair And I live in a cave with my monkey friends And I sing like an ape What the fuck is wrong with me?

"...classic rock..."

"...and reduce cranking time..."

I worked in a parking lot on F Street I worked in a parking lot on F Street Man, that job was bad But I didn't have to pay Social Security Not sure why, not sure why I didn't have to pay Social Security like that

"...that's a nice goal" "It's very important to me to do that" "What are you waiting for?..."

The mystery of silence. A little more mystery of silence.

Spinning the dial.

"...And I notice it's turning While my guitar gently weeps..." Guh-uh, aleah Sing aiyah In my ess eh I ay my ess eh bee hee Well hee as Mash nick nash nes Mash neck ne nack mesh mash mesh mas Ah mesh mas mes mas Never naaaah, ahhhh As mes mas mes mesh naus mesh me naush aus me nesh me naus Mesh ne maus

"...wherever you go..."

"...where would we be Without the love of a woman?..." Gospel inflection Nobody knows for certain But nothing's free I got gospel inflections And nobody's certain About me

You know, my heart's been broken so many times These amphetamines just keep on workin', and they feel so damn good But I know, baby, deep down inside you want me to change But sadly, I can't change cause I'm a creepy creepy man Upsetting and unpleasant At the core of my being, unlovable

Gospel inflection Misdirection You can't like me No matter what you say

" everyone who joins the VIL club in October is qualified for a random drawing to win $500..."

"It never threw me like this ignored..." Second band on the rock festival stage We're the second band on the rock festival stage Second band Held out for that position

" na na na na na..." Got long hair and a beer voice Long hair and a beer voice I'm a very troubled man I'm wearing ladies make-up And long feminine hair But I've got a very masculine, A very masculine voice I've got long hair I'm wearing make-up and concealer I'm sponsored by Maybelline But I've got a masculine masculine voice I'm a paradox A cultural paradox

"...97-2578, or if you're in the Toronto area 416..."

"...thank you, thank you. So rarely do we have a show... so rarely do we have a show that gives virgin ears of the musically deprived the opportunity to experience such great unattained music from that of mainstream garbage. What a..."