Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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Jon Spencer and his wife as seen in the video for "The Guitar"

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is an alternative rock group consisting of Jon Spencer, Judah Bauer, and Russell Simins. John Linnell played saxophone on their self-titled debut album, and former TMBG band member Kurt Hoffman appeared on their Mo' Width album.

Jon Spencer and his wife, who also make up a band called Boss Hog, had a cameo in the video for "The Guitar".

Flans on JSBX: "It really is one of the coolest things, like Elvis Presley and Captain Beefheart combined. Really insane, no bass player and a lot of it is total mania. And he's one of the most handsome guys in rock. I tend to think of really pretty people as not having much to say, but he's got a lot on his mind and he wants to tell you!" — Encore, July 1995

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