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Original proposal for Invention, published on approximately January 27, 2010.

ANIMAL EXPO is a weird, wild, and whimsical online world created by WNET and They Might Be Giants (multiple Grammy winners including the 2009 Grammy for Best Children’s Album). Music videos embedded in a multi-part game will inspire 6-9-year-olds to explore animal science.

ANIMAL EXPO continues TMBG’s signature approach to kids’ content while drawing on kids’ natural interest in animals. Catchy tunes will combine with eclectic, clever animation to ignite imaginations while illustrating concepts around animal features, habits, and adaptations. ANIMAL EXPO merges TMBG’s music videos with an immersive "metagame" in a fantastical virtual museum, where kids use science skills to solve challenges and earn points as they vie to become ANIMAL EXPO Docents. Badges and social features — including creating and sharing your own ANIMAL EXPO gallery — provide opportunities for engagement and interaction. ANIMAL EXPO’s viral appeal and innovative gameplay will have kids and parents playing and learning (and singing!) about wildlife in a lively new way.

ANIMAL EXPO will include:

  • Animated TMBG music videos viewable on the WNET/PBS broadband player and also embedded in games
  • An immersive online metagame, or series of interactive games tied to the videos’ science content
  • Social features including the ability to design and share your own exhibit
  • Evaluation and usability testing
  • Distribution via public media, outreach with partners including the New York Hall of Science, webinars, and online marketing via TMBG’s fanbase, viral video distribution, search engine optimization, social media sites, and blogs.
ANIMAL EXPO’s integrated online video/interactive experience invites kids into an exciting virtual world where they can engage with science content. Through distribution channels including public media, outreach partnerships, and viral marketing, the project will reach a broad audience and support learning in fun, innovative ways.

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