Interpretations:Xanthus Saves

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I understand this song is a part of "People Are Wrong," which is a Broadway play about Flansburgh's and Goldwasser's move to the Cat Skills, NY. I think this song is basically a parody of religion (Christianity in particular). One should not question the bible, just believe in it (what does [Xanthus] save? / that's not the point). I relate to this. I went from Baptist to Luthern (LCMS) to agnostic. It all eventually stopped making sense to me. -Jason Caltrider

Now im no jesus lover here but i got a slightly different interp from this. Xanthus seems to be much more of a live and real person. I considered it more of a cult because of the money paying and inherant scam sounding thing going on with it. (nightpotatoes?)

One of the underlying reasons for people's distrust in the Christian Church has been because of their inherant scamming. =-P Look at televengalism, hell, look at Baptisms.

I thought I heard some religious overtones in this song, but it was just John Flansburgh.