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A man applies for a job from the man he betrayed, but the man he betrayed doesn't recognize him.

I slightly disagree. I feel the resume reading man is talking disinterestly in someone who adored him. Callously he's not even bothered.

One of the great Linnell songs. Hurdy gurdy organ and big drum. (Mr Tuck)

Wow, I think everyone here has great imaginations, which is a great thing. But this song is clearly, to me, about a state that just tends to get overlooked by some people.(Zac M.)

That would make sense except that most of the songs on the album aren't actually about the States they take their name from. This could be an exception, however. -Martorano

There are a few songs on "State Songs" that I think have to do with the title state. What about the song "West Virginia"? Although it may have a double meaning it also mentions the official state tree and flower.

It could be that the man reading the resume thinks he might have betrayed the applicant in Utah, but has forgotten. (-KhabaLox)

Personally I think the title of the song is a pun. "I forget you, ta!" Quite dismissive. (Dragonkiri)

If I needed a job badly enough, and the employer was somebody that hurt me in the past, I'd act like I didn't remember, too.