Interpretations:Things I Like To Do

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Baby-Steps to Self-Improvement[edit]

A fun song with a positive message, or one that can be generally taken as positive. It starts out intentionally half-assed (or half-buttocked, if you prefer), and there is a whispered "yay" over the self-inflicted golf clap.

Then comes the reprisal with some exaggerated oomph behind the YESses and a way-too-enthusiastic chanting of "slightly more productive/efficient."

So there you have it! Self-improvement is a process; you do a little bit better every time!


Yeah, the sarcasm's not lost on me. Regarding that:

The protagonist is getting marginally better at a job, which he hates, to impress the boss, so he won't get fired. He's wearing a fake smile that implies "things are what I like to do" and his days of discombobulated laziness are over. "No more twiddling all thumbs--I get everything done!" Legendary Sidekick (talk) 13:48, 26 January 2022 (EST)