Interpretations:The Mexican Drill

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The Mexican Drill is a group of film buffs that meets in the catacombs under Paris. They tunnel in, set up a small theater, tap the city electricity, and show films.

Their moveable theater set-up was recently discovered again, and when the authorities came back, everything had been removed and a note left for them: "Don't try and find us. - The Mexican Drill." Or something like that. The song is about the Mexican Drill. ~Christina Miller, June 2007

This song will always be about a zombie outbreak to me, or at least a fight against the undead.

The music makes me think of an assault rifle. Slow, I realize, but maybe it's set to two-shot burst? Anyway, they find a spot and fight for a while, then have to run as the undead swell in numbers. They fall back to a better position, and fight again. The whispered tone and air of secrecy that the song projects just leads me to believe that on a global scale, the undead are winning.

I'm pretty sure that the lyrics here are incorrect, and the real words are "Don't try to find us with a Mexican drill". This probably refers to small drills used to tunnel up from illegal tunnels under the U.S.-Mexico border, to provide airholes. -- Thread Bomb (talk) 03:01, 29 June 2020 (EDT)