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Shitty friends![edit]

Crazy to me that there have been no interpretations of this song so far. There's a lot to chew over in those two minutes. I think it's ultimately a song about surrounding yourself with terrible people (or maybe, to put it in a nicer way, people who are well-intentioned but kind of bad influences), and then going off the rails yourself and realising too late that none of your friends are willing to help. In fact, they do the exact opposite - everyone in your social vicinity just feeds into one another's despair/apathy/laziness. Despite spiralling so bad that you feel you've essentially become the human equivalent of a hunk of junk, you keep rolling down the road, attempting to delude yourself (and maybe those around you) into thinking you're totally fine. The titular fellowship of hell is just everyone you surround yourself with (as well as maybe other non-human emotional crutches). There's camaraderie, sure, it might even feel kind of comfortable down at rock bottom, but it all feeds further into your self-loathing and self-victimisation.

Also, as a kind of funny side note, I always imagine all of this set against the backdrop of washed-up rockstardom. The lines:

Rock had a baby and they called it "Aaaah"

The baby had a baby, got no calls at all

conjure the image of someone trying to capture the glory of some long-dead rock scene. The poor person (or band) in question here is relying on imitation rather than innovation, and thus everyone views them as a kind of laughing stock. However, they've invested themselves so much in this lifestyle that they just keep on truckin'. Unsuspectingprey (talk) 05:38, 25 February 2024 (EST)