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I always read this song as being about weight. I think even back then Flans was a "heavier gentleman", and this is about his depression at gaining weight. "By Doc's sugar bowl the coffee gets cold..." he's put sugar in his coffee but now he can't bring himself to drink it. The snake line sounds like classic depression, as does the "right down here on my knees" spin on Gloria Gaynor's song. I think the bass drum in the chorus emphasis this.

I think The Biggest One is about a failed pessimestic leader. He's pessimistic because the water running down "that pipe" looks like a snake, but anyone else would else would just see water. He is obviously in self-dinial as well for the "I don't want to see that...." and finally I get the notion that he was once a leader, because he's forced to blame himself (which, of course, he doesn't like) when he could usually blame others. He might be unstable, too, for the whole crying ordeal.

Or, at least, that's what I think.

Interpretation by TheNintenGenius:

"The Biggest One" always seemed to me to be about Flans' apartment break-in, mainly due to the lines "Should've changed that stupid lock / Should've thrown away the key." As the narrator blames himself for the break-in ("I've got no one to blame but my fat self"), he's been put in an extremely negative state of mind, constantly making cutting remarks about himself ("No no, not I, I will survive / Right down here on my knees" and "the coffee gets cold by "Doc's Sugar Bowl," / 'cause I don't wanna see"), and even viewing something as simple as water running down pipes in a bad way, saying that it "looks like a snake to me."

  • Well, "Should've changed that stupid lock/ Should've thrown away the key/ No, no, not I, I will survive" is from the song "I Will Survive" by someone, but I don't remember who and I just woke up and don't bother me. If anyone saw Men in Black II, Frank the pug sings that song. Just thought I'd throw that in, because no one has already. Aurora Hawthorne
  • Gloria Gaynor would be the original singer of "I Will Survive". -- Duke33