Interpretations:Taste The Fame

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I never grew up as a camp faring kid, but I think this song is meant as a glorification of the camp lifestyle, including but not limited to "wallet making, reenacting, balloons and friends and fun." Describing a stay at camp as a "magic week." Being that the song is about a performing arts camp it strives to make the camp seem a lot more glorious and fantastic than it actually is, hence the title "taste the fame." - MRH0RRIBLE 18:11 1 March 2007

Pokes gentle fun at the camp and the kids attending, giving/getting a week's "taste" of fame. Some second- or third-tier celebrity will show up toward the end of the week as a 'climax', providing encouragement (work hard! believe in yourself!) and sharing tinsel-town stories ("When I worked with Tom Hanks in 'Turner and Hooch'...."). And then the big production on the last night -- lights, camera, action! --Nehushtan 23:13, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

This has got to be a David Bowie parody, right? He even had a song called "Fame".