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A Dispatch from The Apocalypse[edit]

This song seems to be, in essence, a snippet of an alternate universe where, against all odds, the last few years went even worse than in this one. <{[(lansburgh)]}> (talk) 16:54, 9 November 2021 (EST)

A reference to strange concept TV shows.[edit]

This is a reference to TV shows that have odd questions - like Lost, or La Brea, or Flash Forward, or The X Files - that string you along with questions on questions which actually never get a satisfactory answer over the show. "That's all the time we have, doodley-doo!"--Pittsburghmuggle (talk) 09:21, 10 November 2021 (EST)

The People In Power Are As Clueless As We Are[edit]

My interpretation:

The people who have power over us (politicians, the media, police, etc) would be just as hopeless and helpless as us if a truly horrific/world-ending event happened. Not only that, but they would also bring out the usual buzzwords and reassuring phrases in an attempt to keep the masses quiet and calm.

In the event of some kind of nightmarish demonic apocalypse, our leaders may as well just sing "doodly-doodly-do" while they hide behind their teleprompters.

A look at events over quarantine from a conspiracy theorist[edit]

The song is about quarantine from the perspective of a conspiracy theorist. JL plays the head of some kind of meeting, where he is planning to explain everything but runs out of time. He references the ever given being stuck in the Suez Canal so long that it is “abandoned in the desert sands, covered in snakes” and implying that he believes that the Ever Given (the ship stuck in the Suez Canal) was destroyed and buried in the desert. He also references QAnon beliefs with “who ate the babies”. He references many more conspiracies anc after running out of time and spreading such misinformation, JL’s character is joyous, happily repeating “Doo doo lee doo doo lee doo doo lee do”.