Interpretations:So Long, Mockingbird

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A slippery song. She's mocking him, so she's a mockingbird. She's laughing at him over the telephone, but the lyrics at first listen make us think of an actual bird gripping a telephone wire, as in Mr. Millionaire's illustration. --Nehushtan 06:59, 25 November 2009 (UTC)

Happy as a scarecrow now[edit]

The line "Happy as a scarecrow now" sticks with me for whatever reason, so I'm going to submit what I think it means.

So Long, Mockingbird definitely seems to be a breakup song of sorts. The scarecrow line implies the narrator's feelings afterwards; taking joy in the simple job of your existence. Unfortunately, scaring away birds is your job as a scarecrow and your former lover was likened to a mockingbird. A bittersweet feeling to be sure