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They've performed many times at the Fillmore, so I'm wondering if these are their driving directions to get to Fillmore. -dnLDreams

no, these aren't directions, just streets around san francisco -Neal in SF

I believe they're listing famous SF landmarks, and ranking The Fillmore among them. The Fillmore remains an icon, since it was central to the revolutionary music of the 60's. -ATM in Fremont

San Francisco streets[edit]

All of the lyrics are San Francisco streets that pass through the central neighborhoods around the Fillmore Auditorium.

Golden Gate is not a significant street but is named for the region's defining bay and bridge.

Divisadero is a major north/south artery from the Castro to Pacific Heights that divides Upper and Lower Haight.

Turk has no special significance but matches the meter for Polk in the second verse.

Van Ness is the city's main north/south axis and constitutes Highway 101 from Market to Lombard, from which the highway resumes on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Castro is the street and neighborhood (formerly Eureka Valley) famous for the gay rights movement founded by Harvey Milk.

Polk is the main commercial stretch of Russian Hill named for our 11th president, Young Hickory, Napoleon Of The Stump.

Fillmore is both a street and a neighborhood with a famous jazz/blues legacy and the eponymous historic concert hall where TMBG frequently perform.