Interpretations:Pictures Of Pandas Painting

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I was struck by the recursive nature of this song. I could almost imagine seeing a picture of a panda painting, then zooming out to realize that that picture was being painted by a panda, who was really just another panda being painted... and so on.

No real meaning here, it just shows how malleable the English language is, and how well TMBG maniuplates it.

Yeah but it's odd, it all flows that way until we get to te Hippos. I love the fact that it's multiples making it even more unlikely that these things actually exist. Pictures of pandas painting penguins who are proudly parading past skateboards... Then Hippo hung from helicopters for some reason. I always figured a word should be added there. Skateboards under hippos. Or something like that

I always thought the song went "We're just a bandless painting".

The genre of the song is psychadelic, which of course starts with a "p", fitting in with the rest of the alliteration in the song. Flansburgh is a clever, clever, clever guy.