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Live life to the fullest. (20th Jan 2008)


You're all wrong. This song is about getting younger. O_o--tehbagel 03:05, 8 Apr 2006 (CDT)


How is it a song about getting younger? Was that supposed to be a joke? - Haunted Pink House

Looking at mortality in almost child like terms you wonder how no one has ever done this before. The mink car version is more restrained and better arranged. The malcolm version has the great minimal keyboard solo but is spoilt by Linnell's shouty lyrics that detract from song. (mr Tuck)

This is most defidently a song about getting older, and older, and older, till ya die. Sucks huh?-drworm818

All about the inevitable. -Walrus

The song just puts time in a perspective that most people never think about. You don't think of yourself as growing older by the second, or that the end of anything grows closer by the second.

-Mushroom Pie 'n stuff

You're going to die. This song reinforces this fact.

I think it's written to make people think... and then make them depressed. o_o; This song freaks me out. --Lemita 08:32, 22 Jun 2006 (MDT)

I like the Dial A Song version better for one tiny aspect: the *pause* between "And time..." and " still marching on!" I feel this adds a great comedic element to the song that is missing from the Mink Car version.

Hmpf. I feel pity for all the folk within the world attached to the curse of mortality. Good thing I'm an elf!- Shugo Tanaka

Ow!! I think I need another hip replacement!!! Where's my cane!!! XD


Each day we die a little moar..

Difference between adults and kids[edit]

I think the most interesting issue of this song is how it has been used by the Johns as a song for adults and for kids (IE, the puppet version). There is nothing intrisically negative or depressing in the lyrics, but kids are likely to see it as funny or even a happy song about getting older, while adults are going to see it as depressing.

No matter what happens you're getting older. There's a finality to the music, and yet whether aging's a good thing or a bad thing depends on your perspective. The song doesn't say this explicitly, but the context in which it is played makes this point clear.