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Varttina/Matalii ja Mustii[edit]

I'm 99% sure this is a parody of Varttina's "Matalii ja Mustii" and/or its appearance in US pop culture (including kid's TV shows) in the past decade.

link to Youtube

I knew ARNATQ was on the right rack when this was the first one on it. ROTFL.

The excitement of youth[edit]

Inarticulate with excitement the young singer can just sing "O We". Influenced by the kids stuff and late 60s use of child lyrics (All together now - The Beatles) the excitement shines through a song that also nods (rather more commercially) to the Residents. Pretty and organic it would have been a better choice that some of the final cuts on Join Us. Also reminiscent of the early Giants duo work. Lovely.

(Mr Tuck)