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This song doesn't really need to be interpreted, but whenever I hear it I can't decide between whether it's about parents telling their toddlers "No!" or the refrain of countless terrible two's... "No!" Random

  • It's half one and half the other, I think. The first verses are all about the adults telling the child "No!" all the time, and then in the very last stanza everything changes: "Do this - 'No!' / Don't do that - 'No!' / Sit stay roll over - 'No! no! no!'"
  • I think the song is basically introspection from the point of view of a small child. Children learn to say 'no!' by hearing it said to them all the time. The first part of the song is the child reflecting on his/her experience of hearing a constant stream of No's and starting to understand the power of the word. The second part is the child figuring out that he/she can also use 'no!' and trying it out.

This song is obviously about rape. Consider the lyrics.

No is no // No is always no // If they say no, it means a thousand times no

This section concerns someone who is asking someone for sex who doesn't want it. They reply with "no," that is, they really mean they do not want sex. While some men may read this negative reply as actually desiring sex, this song aims to cement that "no really means no."

Finger pointing, eyebrows low // Mouth in the shape of the letter O

The first line would be the police pointing their fingers at the would-be rapist. The second line is that of the male giving himself an orgasm (his "O face"), as he has been denied by the female.

Pardon me -- No! // Excuse me -- No // May I stay? // Can I go? // No, no, no

The first two lines are the man trying to talk his way into sex. He is then cut off by the female. When asked if he can stay, the female, realizing his intention, tells him "no," that he must leave.

Red means stop. Do not go.

This part is self-explanatory.

... BlockyCuzco 02:50, 22 March 2013 (EDT)
  • In my opinion, this is a bit of a stretch. Why is the rapist asking if they can leave? Do you really think police officers point and say "No!"?

This song is about giving 3-year-olds music they can head-bang to.

I think this song is about having a dog. Consider the lyrics "Finger pointing, eyebrows low" and "Do this -- No! / Don't do that -- No! / Sit, stay, roll over / No, no, no!"

I think that this song is about how when kids are little they get into alot of trouble and the parents tell them no. The last verse i believe is about how when kids get to about the age of 13 or 14, they start to say no to all of their parents requests DarkSideOfTheSchwartz

I don't think that this song is about any specific application of the word "no," but rather is about the concept in general. I kind of take it as "I have the right to decline!" and that consent is definitely something that should be valued, though this is something completely different from defiant kids or pets lol --Packwhack (talk) 17:40, 18 November 2019 (EST)