Interpretations:Maybe I Know

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simple, bad girlfriend, but boyfriend really wants her, and trusts that shell be better in the future. -uncletony

Obviously, about a guy who has a girlfriend/wife who cheats on him. He can't stop it, because if he does, she's not going to love him anymore. He hopes that she'll love him in the future.--Mrs. H0rrible Someone keeps moving my stool 05:27, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

The original lyrics were by Lesley Gore: "Maybe I know that he's been a cheatin' / Maybe I know that he's been untrue / But what can I do". When the Johns sing this cover version, they flip the gender. Interesting how that changes the feel of the song. It probably shouldn't, but it does because we have gender-based expectations of behavior, and maybe that was TMBG's point here. --User:PurpleBrigade, 10/21/2018