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I have no idea what is *intended* to be communicated here, but absent any context or visual cues, this is a pretty good aural rendering of sexual intercourse from the woman's point of view. The rounds of "yeah, right" and "oh, yeah" get faster and more emphatic as the song progresses, and it goes on for about three and a half minutes.

As a female, I can't listen to this on headphones at work, because I get too excited. Quite obscene. Can this really be TMBG? Yikes. --- [Christina Miller June 2005]

Well, I saw it differently, and I never really try to "interperate" TMBG songs for other people, but here's goes nothing.

It seems to be about communication. Take the drum; Two distinct parties, playing back and forth on the stereo, reminiscent of a "Close Encounters of the Thrid Kind" method to reach out to someone you don't know on nearly any level. Then there's the text, also playing back and forth. But rather than play on the stereo (the "nothing in common" method) it's a mess of sound in the back. It's in understandable english, and it's even sarcastic, so it gives a human feel. But, again, it's a mess, as most human communication tends to be. Missing the point, making no progress, wasting time, and almost oblivious to the other side. Finally the enitre human mess gets compressed and cut into the DJ beat, while the simplistic drums continue on their way, even developing the conversation further as the response drum beat inverts, adding another layer of interest to itself.

The breakdown of the modern method of communication; the continuation of the natural method. Either that, or They just thought the drum beat and funky lyrics would sound cool. I dunno. I just like this song. :D --Luke 23:56, 11 February 2007 (UTC)