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It's about fans thinking that TMBG is a Satanist band, but when they arrive for a concert, nobody mentions their feelings, but TMBG knows and sings about it. -Walrus

I think I read somewhere that the beginning was based on a car commercial. -VoVat

VoVat is right. This spoofs a really stupid and manipulative set of commercials in which the prospective buyer is urged to buy a particular sedan in order to be unique and special, just like everybody else that bought that car. The "song" is really only funny in the context of those commercials, but Mr. Linnell is dead on with his spoof; except for the absurdity of kittens as a paint job, he has the feel and the tone of the actual announcer down. Even hearing it initially years after the fact, I could tell what he was doing. ~~Christina Miller Dec 2005

I don't know how to interpret this. But I like it. 06:47, 4 Nov 2005 (EST)

The "softer with a new smell" line is probably making fun of "energy efficent" cars User:C&A BM