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About writing?[edit]

I think it might be about the process of writing? Like not being able to sleep because you got An Idea.

and how if you’re writing something, say a song, sometimes it’s a no-go (hence not recording) I think the bit about speaking in reverse ties in with the thing about not sounding like “me” or whatnot; sometimes you can get a bolt of the blue of inspiration and it doesn’t seem like it came from YOU just like, I don’t know, divine or whatever and so basiclly speaking in reverse so the babies can see &c is getting to that, like, you can’t normally speak in reverse -- but this thing that came out of you CAN? and perhaps also an implication of leaving something there to be interpreted? like getting the babies to “see” by... I don’t know, doing a metaphorical-type song? like, say, “I’m Impressed” is pretty clearly about Bush but also not Bush? like it’s not “bush is a jerk/boo to that chump”

but whatevs - Rev. Syung Myung Me (talk) 15:49, 1 March 2016 (EST)

I'm new to this wiki stuff so apologies if I've committed some kind of cardinal sin! My personal thoughts are that it's literally about (psychotic?) delusions. I love the lines 'Sell the delusion/look it in the eye' because they make me think of how delusions can appear and inexplicably feel like universal truths. When you are delusional you didn't make a choice to 'buy' a seemingly ridiculous belief or idea, at least not consciously. But you're definitely an unwilling owner; you've unwittingly obtained it. Part of you knows it makes no sense, but it's just there, as if it's been implanted. You really have to try and gather evidence to the contrary to try and shift it. And what's stranger is that it's actually harder than you might think. Other people assume so many things to be true just because that's the consensus. So actually being forced to prove to yourself that something ISN'T true, when it's suddenly just sitting there, however bizarre it might seem on the not that easy.

A parent hearing their baby speak for the first time[edit]

A more happy and heartwarming interpretation is the singer being a new parent and their baby uttering their first words. The spouse doesn't believe the baby has spoken, and the singer thinks he's going crazy, basically. Maybe the words were utter gibberish (like something about monkeys?).

It kinda explains "I wasn't recording / Why would I be": a lot of babies' first words aren't recorded because why would they be recording nothing for no reason, but many babies' first words are recorded because some parents are crazy people who record and pressure their baby into trying to speak.

It also certainly explains "I'll never sleep again," since the dude's a parent of a baby. Ya don't get much sleep as the parent of a baby. (And that explains "needing to lay down", I guess).

There is the 'term of endearment' of referring to your baby as your 'little monkey' or whatever. Maybe "set the monkeys free" is the singer, the parent, realizing his baby's growing up and will soon be an adult, 'free' in the world.

Paintspotinfez (talk) 23:27, 9 July 2017 (EDT)

Straightforward meaning[edit]

I think that similarly to When Will You Die, you get what you see. The gist of both songs is pretty clear from the title alone unlike the majority of TMBG songs. In both cases, you could try to come up with a specific interpretation of who or what the songs are about but the entertaining part of each is the mystery. The "it" in this song is purposefully vague and could be anything. Declaring that it's meant to be about a specific thing ruins the point of the song. KevArlo (talk) 22:15, 20 August 2022 (EDT)