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I think this is about the bubble that celebrities live in, and a little lament about the love-hate relationship to fans.

The beauty of A felt-tip pen The comfort found in imaginary friends

I see on the title page here, that the felt-tip pen is about Tony Millionare, but it is also what he signs autographs with. I think the imaginary friends are the fans and hangers-on that accrue when you get famous.

I've been all around this crummy world And no one will defend The comfort found In imaginary friends

I've toured all over, and no one can honestly say to me that the fun of having people love me because I'm famous is a good thing, even if it provides some comforts.

Right before you called my name

You, one of my imaginary friends

I was talking to a friend

An actual friend

They could not understand So I'm explaining it all again The beauty of Imaginary friends

People who don't live this way don't get it, they don't understand what it's like to be surrounded by people who love your celebrity, not you.

I can disappear In a Store 24 And re-emerge Distorted and small

If I duck into a convenience store to escape fans, I will come out different, back to myself, which looks smaller and less glamorous than when I went in.

Back in deepest, Darkest Massachusetts Isolated from
The comfort found In imaginary friends

If I go home, where they know the real me, it will be like going to another continent (deepest darkest is a phrase that often precedes "Africa") and I will leave behind the advantages of fans and hangers on.

~Christina Miller, March 2007

After the breakup[edit]

Your love left you, so now you can only have an imaginary friend. You wish you could go back in time, exactly one hour... the last time your love "called my name". The corner store makes it convenient to get liquor. You get smashed ("distorted and small") and become "isolated" in a deep dark place - your own home town. --Nehushtan (talk) 13:30, 9 April 2020 (EDT)