Interpretations:I Just Found Out What Everybody Knows

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Super song! A traditional she-dun-left-me song, but there is the clever image of a man dumped, walking around in a monkey fur coat.

What is a monkey fur coat? Do they even exist? I assumed the coat symbolized in some way his shame and embarrassment at being dumped,and to highlight he was the fool in the relationship, a big ape, a dancing monkey.

The neighbors enjoyed watching him get dumped, the lyric says, and all he could salvage from the relationship is the coat, which he wears around outside. Then he runs into a friend of his ex, and she pokes at the coat which implies she is pointing out the fact of his being dumped, and what a performing monkey he is.

The thing he just found out, that everybody knows, is that he was and is a fool.

~Christina Miller, March 2007

Monkey fur coat: Tux. Some people refer to tuxedos as monkey suits.... User: Nerdy4ever95