Interpretations:How Much Cake Can You Eat?

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Don't shoot the messenger[edit]

It's probably a mistake to try to read too much into these dial-a-song demos, since they're just incomplete sketches. But the question of someone sitting on their own feet makes me think of an old story I read that included a line about the way that some ladies sit on a couch - with their feet curled under them - a posture which the story's writer claimed could only be assumed comfortably by females (Please note: I didn't write the story). So I always think the song's narrator is addressing a woman.

And she's obese. She eats too much cake... in fact it seems like she's engaged in some kind of crazy stuff-and-swallow competition. His jaw drops - how much can she eat? And how can she still be sitting on her feet after gaining so much weight? There are many shiny eating utensils pointing her direction - all tempting her to take yet another morsel of delicious cake.

Flans takes a common phrase ("I wouldn't trust you as far as I can throw you"), and rewires its constituent parts - one of his favorite lyric tricks. In my admittedly grasping-at-straws interpretation I am guessing the idea behind the line "We can trust you or we can throw you" is: "Can I trust you not to overeat? HA! About as far as I can throw your fat carcass." --Nehushtan (talk) 18:42, 20 December 2019 (EST) (Please note: I didn't write the song either.)