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Don't shoot the messenger[edit]

It's probably a mistake to try to read too much into these dial-a-song demos, since they're just incomplete sketches. But the question of someone sitting on their own feet makes me think of an old story I read that included a line about the way that some ladies sit on a couch - with their feet curled under them - a posture which the story's writer claimed could only be assumed comfortably by females (Please note: I didn't write the story). So I always think the song's narrator is addressing a woman.

And she's obese. She eats too much cake... in fact it seems like she's engaged in some kind of crazy stuff-and-swallow competition. His jaw drops - how much can she eat? And how can she still be sitting on her feet after gaining so much weight? There are many shiny eating utensils pointing her direction - all tempting her to take yet another morsel of delicious cake.

Flans takes a common phrase ("I wouldn't trust you as far as I can throw you"), and rewires its constituent parts - one of his favorite lyric tricks. In my admittedly grasping-at-straws interpretation I am guessing the idea behind the line "We can trust you or we can throw you" is: "Can I trust you not to overeat? HA! About as far as I can throw your fat carcass." --Nehushtan (talk) 18:42, 20 December 2019 (EST) (Please note: I didn't write the song either.)


Feels like a weird gameshow? But besides that... also, I'll be overanalyzing here, but can't spell that without ana ng, so it's just a TMBG thing to do. But I do feel like it's definitely a metaphor for something, and not literal cake.

"The shining spoons of this town All point in your direction" Spoons can mean "interest", so maybe there's this group of people who're interested in this person in particular?

"Can you keep a secret? We can trust you or we can throw you" Basically spinning it into "we don't trust you, so you better not betray our interest"

"Are you sitting on your feet?" "On your feet" meaning healthy/stable... like, "Are you listening closely?" I can see that.

"How much cake can you eat?" When looking up stuff, "cake-eater" could refer to a young man who's good at socializing. Maybe they're asking the person if they can pretend nothing happened?

It's definitely about either a secretive group of people, or just a cult. Or maybe I'm dumb and wrong, but that's unlikely.

Like, the song could just be like:

"You hold our best interest, don't try to escape it"

"Will you keep our secret? We could spare you- or should we scare you?"

"Are you hearing all our words?"

"Act like there was nothing heard"

But I'm overanalyzing a song that's clearly a demo, and the lingo I used to interpret may be newer than the song. Hell, it might be literal.

the grindel (talk) 00:02, 1 September 2023 (EDT)