Interpretations:Here Come The ABCs (Song)

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I think this is a look at old men wanting to be young again, let's look at the lyrics:

They Might Be Giants! (here they are stating that they might be, but in reality they are old and withered away)
Here come the ABCs! (here the old men recite their ABC's in an attempt to feel young, but it fails horribly)
Children: A! B! C! (the real children then proceed to mock the old men, reciting their ABC's themselves and proclaiming how young they are)

Really profound, I thought days and nights about this one, but i think this is the correct interpretation.

XDDDDD Please, please, for the entertainment of the world, become a stand up comic.

This short song is actually the intro to "Here Come the ABCs". --The Mayor of Cowtown (talk) 01:06, 23 December 2020 (EST)