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A song that is anti-right wing political thinking?[edit]

What's interesting about this song is that you have an initial sentence which makes sense, but then have the same sentence with additional words making a new sentence with a new meaning. That's an interesting idea and very TMBG.

My initial observations: 2 right handed gloves: Perhaps that suggest right wing political ideas? There's lots of references to picnics. It makes me think of "the tea party" in America or even Republican party or right-wing political thinking somehow, with wholesome images like tea and sandwiches or family picnics. I'm not from America but I think families coming to political rallies with picnics is a right wing American political cliché. It also connects with Southern right wing politics in community perhaps represented by Church picnics. It may also be a reference to the expression "1 sandwich short of a picnic" meaning 'a bit crazy'.

If this is indeed the target, then the line: "YOU SHOULD never EAT A big pile of SAND WHICH you found AT THE beach or PICNIC with wolves" says that these people are wolves and you should never join them. Especially if you 'found the sandwich' which implies that the political idea is something you are joining into instead of creating/coming up with yourself. Indeed, it's noticeable that it's actually "sand" instead of "sandwich" in the second telling suggesting these ideas are as worthless and transient as sand.

So, it seems to me the whole song seems like an anti-republican/tea party and anti-right wing political thinking. I don't agree with the sentiment of the interpretation, but it's what I interpret from the lyrics.

It's interesting that it comes out 1 week after last weeks song - "Sold my mind to the Kremlin". This song seems to have the narrative ' What have we used our amazing political freedoms in the West for - commercialism? It disgusts me so much I'd consider Communism '. Either way, it seems the Johns are thinking about politics and it's affects on society at the moment. Deepflux (talk) 05:16, 9 June 2015 (EDT)

Interpretation 2[edit]

I do not think that there is anything to read into it besides the obvious gimmick behind it. The sentences are out of context and don't really mean anything, just TMBG doing weird stuff with words. Almost definitely intended to be a children's song. The whole concept behind it seems difficult, at least to me, to write, so I think it would be understandable that the lyrics are the way they are because of what TMBG could do with them and not because of any meaning of the lyrics. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:29, July 2, 2015


This is about the duality of a person who lacks self confidence, doing online dating. He's from Missippippi, She's from Pennsylvania. A man (voiced by Flansburgh) who tries to go all nice guy, and another (Linnell) who is his inner monologue, acting suave like he wants to be in his head. Linnell is going all the way and laying it out, but Flansburgh is trying to keep it safe. Secretly, Flansburgh wants to say what Linnell is saying, but is restrained. Linnell is saying he wants a lifetime with Mrs. Wheelyke ("Maybe someday we can let our wigs hang out to dry on the clothesline out of town. You can steer and I'll ride on the hood. Lions will cheer", but Flansburgh says he wants to do "Maybe we hang out on the driveway. You can ride on lions." —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:20, September 18, 2017