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The Lead Singer is doing a wonderful Paul Simon impression. The lyrics are slightly like a deranged Simon song, the relationship between the singer and the object of his interest (the assassin). The assassin is mysterious and the singer seems drawn to their intrigue. Finally, it has some wist to it as it recalls life and time, "Where did we bury the time?"

I think this song is about a guy who can't think where he put a thing, so he has to keep getting the attention of his friend who likes to kill fun dead; in its tracks. So then there is a series of vignettes about this friend appearing through out history, killing people and causing general havoc. As a continuity thread, it is worth it to say that this friend is the same person aluded to in Certain People I Could Name. And then what happens is that the man/woman singing the song becomes entrangled in the web, and is killed by the Fun Assassin who, of coarse, turns out to be the man/woman singing the song. It is all a bad dream, or a hallucenation brought on by the use of illicit mans. - Neill

PLZ sum1 tell me if this is wrong: i think this song is about hugh heffner. think about the obivous paralels. hugh hefner killed mysogeny, and the fun assesen kills mysogeny. hugh hefner is a mogul and the fun assassin is obviously rich ( i think that's what Where Did We Bary The Tide? is ). hugh heebner is a friends w/donald THE DONALD trumpp and the fun assassin is telling someone he is jinxed. Donard trump tells people they are fired ie jinxed. and last but not least, the fun assassin gets caught sucking out the air and banging on a cage. air sucking and cage banging are publishing industry terms . so in conculsion i think hugh heffner is the fun assissin. but i dare you to prove me wrong because i think it might be since tmbg strays away from sexual and business topics.

yes, you are wrong.

We've all known the fun assasin in one form or another, we have worked with, befriended, or married them. The line about strangers walking down from the beach and the references to a disguise are references to that sense of revelation when you realize that you didn't know someone like you thought that you did. That "who the hell are you" moment that arrives in a relationship when the other person does something the you didn't see coming - they kill your fun. Then you have to deal with the investment that you've put into the relationship. "where did we bury the time?"

It's about a partypooper, mostly, then it has some cool expressions. "Take off your disguise and lie" A disguise is a lie, so it's essentially sort of a double negative. --Dunklekuh81

I think that the song could be about someone boring, who kills fun and therefore is the assassin of fun, making all of the rest of sort of gruesome descriptions of murders in this song just a way of taking that metaphor farther and making the song very creepy. Either that or it is about an actual assassin, who is a "fun assassin" in that he his assassinations are very fun, which would make me think that the narrator is definitely crazy, possibly someone who suddenly becomes obsessed with a killer, and wants the killer to kill him?

A (very) bad relationship. Magnets aren't attracted to flames. A mirror in the dark is useless. Stabbing me in the front would be a nice change, eh? You might as well kick the chair out from under me - while I have my neck in a noose. Smashing out the lights makes me think of Richard and Linda Thompson (Shoot Out the Lights), the most notoriously dysfunctional rock couple. --Nehushtan (talk) 12:32, 24 February 2018 (EST)