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Blessing or curse?[edit]

I wonder if the "decision makers" he refers to are people deciding for him without his consent, 1984 style, or objects like dice or coins or something. With the former interpretation, this song would tie in nicely with many of the other Nanobots songs which deal with similar themes. One more thing that is also of interest is whether the narrator is glad he doesn't have to decide himself or rather worried about not having any freedom of choice. From the way the song is sung, I can't really tell. Maybe the question is left unanswered deliberately. --Freakiosis 16:23, 11 March 2013 (EDT)

You seem to raise pretty good questions when thinking about this song, and I might have an answer. The "decision makers" are people deciding for him without his consent, and the first two lines are sort of a curse to the decision makers, because the narrator resents having his decision made for him. I think that this takes place at a time where the decision makers are in the process of making a decision, and in the next line the narrator is asking them to decide, because although he doesn't like having decisions made for him, he doesn't like waiting to find out either.
Or maybe not. There really isn't a sure answer with this song. (December 2, 2014)


What's funny is that I read this recently: which actually talks about the use of nanotechnology to recreate broken neural connections in the brain. The author seems to be worried that these nanobots could go rogue and cause a loss of identity-- become decision makers that decide for you. (kind of like what John is worried will happen when he Sleeps.) Twalsh06 23:17, 15 March 2013 (EDT)

Those who decide[edit]

"Decision makers" is a phrase frequently used by TV commentators to refer to politicians and officials high up in government, as well as powerful business leaders. U.S. president George W. Bush made a slightly odd reference to this during a speech.

If you think about the phrase, it's very odd, as it suggests that no one else can or should make decisions. This in turn may bring about a sense of fear and dread in the ordinary person, and I think that is the sentiment that this short song expresses.
-- Thread Bomb (talk) 01:46, 25 February 2020 (EST)