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What "Maybe I Know" should have Been[edit]

It is understandable that there are no interpretations of this song at all, because the Johns did not write it, it is a cover. And what is the use in interpreting a song on the tmbg wiki, when it wasnt written by the Johns and is fairly straight forward? What possible meaning can possibly be found in the text? well, none, apparently. But that is not to say, that there is no meaning to be found, from whats NOT in the text. The Johns kept the lyrics the same, only changing sqirm with squirrel, so we know they could have changed the text if they wanted to. Specifically, they could have changed brother to sister, and man to woman, without it impacting the flow of the song, adjusting the song for their sexual preference. In fact, this is exactly what they did when they covered "Maybe I Know". Changing he to she. But they dont here. And I think that is noteworthy. By not making any changes to the song they do exactly what a cover should do, that is cover the original. And the fact that it is still sung by men, it makes this song an explicitly homosexual song. By not changing the song, they essentially changed the meaning by singing it. I mean, they would have changed the meaning regardless of if they changed it or not, since it was now men singing the song. But I truly believe they propably would, if given the choice today, now that gayness is a less controversial topic, when covering "Maybe I Know" use he instead of she. And that is the way it should be imo. I dont know why, but hearing them say she always kind of bothered me. But this song essentially sends a "Message" if you can even call it that. So yeah, even though it is a cover, the meaning is changed, and it is noteworthy what the Johns chose to do with it.I SilassaliS I (talk) 10:06, 29 September 2023 (EDT)