Interpretations:Backstabbing Liar

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For about a second I thought this was about Linnell! There was that worrying time when Flans did his ringo walk with Mono Puff that I thought they might break up. Still, one of Mono Puff's highlights. And Loud!

(Mr Tuck)

Fairly straightforward. The main character of the song is lashing out at an old fan and friend who has now taken to dragging the main character's name in the mud in his songs and articles in the fanzine he runs. - TheNintenGenius

What if it's about the guy who outed him and Linnell? He mentioned in an interview with Jonathan Ross that someone in a fanzine did it. ~Christina Miller, March 2007

The beginning reminds me of a trolley problem to a weird degree, except with a subway train. This backstabbing liar was given a choice to pull a lever that would save the people in his way. They love him very much, which is often the case in a trolley problem, because if you're familiar, the people you're often saving are loved ones versus a stranger or strangers who could benefit more people. In this case, I think the backstabbing liar chose to save the people who would help him "progress" more rather than his loved ones. He lied, he learned to write songs, and eventually, he will convince everyone else that killing loved ones is the way to go in these trolley problems at every turn. -Kinwish