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Legend of Sleepy Hollow?[edit]

Is the entire song about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Like how The Lady And The Tiger is based on the short story? I only suspect this because Ichabod Crane is the protagonist of Legend of Sleep Hollow, and the song mentions Sleepy Hollow itself, but I've never read the story, so I wouldn't know. -- Jason DeLima - ! - 00:56, 6 December 2011 (EST)

It could be. However, the reference to Ichabod Crane could just be because, in the story, Ichabod does not win, so "Someday I'll win/I'm not Ichabod Crane" would make sense as that, too. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 20:28, December 8, 2011

Reply to You Probably Get That A Lot/Cephalophore[edit]

I think this was placed on track #2 as the other John's pre-reply to You Probably Get That A Lot.

"I'm not Ichabod Crane" - I've never met a headless person! I don't know what you're talking about! (Repeat over and over until it becomes true).

"Gonna get my head straight again" - My head is gonna get better!

"Full head of steam" - See I'm doing better already! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 16:17, December 15, 2011

A relationship song, probably[edit]

It seems that this song is about how a guy did a bunch of stuff to get a girl's attention (one-night stands, classes: just to be your man; think of all the changes you put me through), and he's beginning to regret it and has gotten more than he bargained for (I just wanted my big toe... and now I'm neck deep). The references to Ichabod Crane fits in because, in Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod's main objective was to court and marry a girl, which he did not succeed in. The singer is contrasting this with his own situation, saying that "Someday I'll win- I'm not Ichabod Crane). This may be based on some real-life story, as "Bubble's of Teaneck" is pretty specific and I'm not sure how it fits in with the story.

Headless Horseman[edit]

I like to think that this song is being sung by the Headless Horseman who stole Ichabod Crane's head. He's trying to impress a girl, but since he's wearing Ichabod's head he seems to be having Ichabod's luck.

The heart of the song is about putting on a fake exterior in order to appear more impressive. Acquiring a new head, cleaning his clothes, losing his accent, taking classes, pretending to have been to the Hollywood Hills, acting like he likes to dance, he's doing it all "just to be [her] man." Now he's in a laundromat in Teaneck, NJ, less than 30 miles from Tarrytown, NY, the home of Sleepy Hollow.

He's doing everything he can to "get [his] head straight again," but he can't escape "the bitter truth." Perhaps this is the truth that his real head is kept in a jar in the cupboard, "200-proof" referring to the fluid that his head is preserved in. But, "mark it down; ... someday [he'll] win!" After all, despite how he looks, he's "not Ichabod Crane!" -- Sam Stephens


Someone is changing themselves for a girl they like. They even loose their english accent. But changing for someone like that isnt exactly authentic. But as the lyrics say, he is dead as a dog on one night stands. He really wants to get that person to like them. He even takes classes to get them. Propably classes by these so called "dating experts" who will tell you that you need to be strong, and that girls like strong men. You have to be "alpha". One day, he is sick of it, as indicated by the line "i just wanted my big toe in the soft soft sand, now im neck deep in the quick, quick" (quick as in quicksand i imagine.) He becomes deranged, and asks her if she is ready for "the bitter truth". He becomes violent, and takes her on a trip round, to show her his true self. I suspect it isnt actually his true self. His true self is propably a nice guy, but just that, a nice guy. But now he is deranged. Likely violent. Likely because of all those dating classes he took that told him he needed to be strong. Now he isnt strong, but abusive deranged and bad. He takes her on a deranged trip. A "authenticity trip" as you will. He takes her partying in hollywood. They dance and just party. He is having the time of his life. She, most likely not. In the end he tries to actually reenact the events of sleepy hollow, and possibly takes her head off her body. The whole song he had a weird obsession with the legend of sleepy hollow. He went to the hollywood hills, because hollywood is where movies get made. He reenacts it, but this time he doesnt loose. This time he is strong. This time he is manly. This time he is a headless idiot. He is the headless Horseman, and she is ichabod crane. As the song says, "im not ichabod crane". Now she is. In the end, by trying to change himself he became someone truly despisable and deranged.