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Interpretation 1[edit]

Stubbs is a bar in Austin, TX. I guess TMBG liked it. :) ~Lynz 06:10, June 6, 2005

They made up little songs for bunches of the venues they played in 2004; on the way to the Austin gig, they made up "Stubbs." Not to say they didn't like Stubbs, but they made up the song as part of a meta-plan to write one for all the venues. --Christina Miller 10:54, June 7, 2005
Stubbs is a barbeque restaurant in downtown Austin with a large outdoor stage adjacent to its back patio. TMBG have played at Stubbs on multiple occasions, commenting each time on the lure of free Texas barbeque. My guess is that in the lyrics Linnell is referring to the bone disposal problem we all have with ribs. Dan Miller was actually given credit for writing the song during the show. --Sydney C. 00:50, April 7, 2006