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Anyone ever wonder if it is Dr. Worm that is singing the song? Probably not, but it puts a fun new perspective on the song. --Duke33 14:12, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

It's Doctor Worm[edit]

I mean come on, he's a drum playing protagonist, it has to be Dr. Worm

God Help the Inhabitants of Apartment 3[edit]

It would be bad enough to live in an apartment building with a drummer in one of the apartments. But how much worse would it be to have two drummers in the same building...and to have a 12-month lease for Apartment 3, between the drummer in Apartment 4 and the drummer in Apartment 2?

More Elaboration on the Dr. Worm theory[edit]

I don't just think that the singer of Apartment Four is Doctor Worm, I think that the two songs are the same story, one told in the moment, and one looking back. In Doctor Worm, most of the song is sung in the present tense ("They call me Doctor Worm", "I'm interested in things", "I can't tell if you are watching me twirling the stick" etc.) suggesting that the song is a series of vignettes, as Doctor Worm befriends 'you', a person who I am assuming to be the inhabitant of "flat number 2". Meanwhile, the second verse frames these same events as a fond memory ("You come tell me but I remember"). Furthermore, Doctor Worm makes note of how they are "twirling the stick" in the first song, and in the verse of the song explaining the history of the singer's friendship with 'you', the music video has the inhabitant of apartment four twirling the drumsticks (1:04 in the music video). One final point of evidence in this theory's favor, then, is that both songs are sung primarily by Linnell – our drum-playing friend has a consistent voice.

EntropicThymes (talk) 14:31, 21 February 2023 (EST)

Oh my FUCKING GOD.[edit]

Ok ok. Banks here, My Father said that this song sounds VERY VERY similar to 21 guns by Green Day. I am gonna lose it so badly right now, fellas. I swear to god. If nobody is gonna make a mash up already, I WILL.