In The Baths Of Constantinople

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In The Baths Of Constantinople album cover
In The Baths Of Constantinople
Studio album by Annabouboula
First released 1988 Tracks 8
Label US.png Shanachie <SH 64022>
GR.png Virgin <VG 50346>
Length 40:53
European release cover


In The Baths of Constantinople is a studio album by Annabouboula, a Greek-American band that included Chris Lawrence, a friend of John and John. The album was released in Europe as Hamam. John Linnell played organ on "Let's Go To Jail" and accordion on "I'm Not A Little Girl".

Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Don't Worry, Ma Annabouboula 5:35
2 Moroccan Girl Annabouboula 5:30
3 Hamam Annabouboula 4:05
4 The American Annabouboula 4:29
5 Tamba-Toumba Annabouboula 5:26
6 Let's Go To Jail Annabouboula 5:10
7 I'm Not A Little Girl Annabouboula 4:44
8 Don't Worry Dub Annabouboula 5:55


  • Hearn Gadbois appeared as a guest percussionist on the song "Hamam".