I Know A Place

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song name I Know A Place
artist The Riot Squad
releases ? · Know it? Add it!
year 2024
run time 2:51
sung by David Driver, John Flansburgh does spoken-word intro


What's crazy about so much of the music that was on that jukebox, and that is in this show, is that a lot of it had this weirdly prescient quality. Like, the lyrics of the songs seem to refer, directly or obliquely, to what was happening culturally, and specifically at The Stonewall Inn, at that time. The place was, for many young queer people in the summer of 1969, THE place to go to see, be seen, get off the streets -- and dance. They knew a place! In much the same way that Petula Clark did as she sang that incredible song.
Who could resist the opportunity to portray a real live newscaster, especially one reporting on events as important as these? Not me.

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