Guitar Tab:New York City

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New York City
By: cub
Key: E Major
Year: 1995
Tabbed By: Mitch Fishman
 1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +    1    +    2    +    3    +    4    +

     E              E     A          B
 You called me last night on the telephone, and
 E             E                    A          B
 I was glad to hear from you 'cause I was all alone, you said "It's
 E             E        A                B
 snowing, it's snowing! God, I hate this weather."
 E                  E                 A      B      E        E
 Now I walk through blizzards just to get us back together

 We met in the springtime at a rock-and-roll show
 It was on the Bowery when it was time to go
 We kissed on the subway in the middle of the night
 I held your hand, you held mine, it was the best night of my life.
        E               B         A        B
 'Cause everyone's your friend in New York City
     E                C#m       A                     B
 And everything looks beautiful when you're young and pretty
     A                      B                    E               A
 The streets are paved with diamonds and there's just so much to see
         A                B                 B/tacet
 But the best thing about New York City is...   you and
 E     E     A     B

 Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Co-op City, Katz's and
 Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, The Empire State where Dylan lived
 Coney Island and Times Square, Rockefeller Center
 Wish I was there

 You wrote me a letter just the other day
 Said, "Springtime is coming soon so why don't you come to stay."
 I packed my stuff, got on the bus, I can't believe it's true
 I'm three days from New York City and I'm three days from you
 Chorus (twice)

 E     E     A     B

The remainder of the song from there on out is an instrumental, insert a sweet lead guitar solo at your own preferred experimentation, below are just the rhythm chords. Most live shows do not do the guitar solo outro, rather to do a short ending. As an alternative, just slow the tempo for a couple bars and play these chords instead: E/C# E/B A A/G# B/F# - E)

 E B A B (2x)

Key change:
 F C Bb C (2x)

 Ending: F#

NOTE: In verse 3, the original Cub lyrics were "...Ferry, ALPHABET 
CITY, BREAKFAST WITH TIFFANY'S Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, 
The Empire State where KING KONG lives."