Guitar Tab:Mink Car (Song)

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Mink Car (Song)
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: F Major
Year: 2001
Tabbed By: JJRRutgers
Fmaj7 Fmaj7/Bb Fmaj7 Fmaj7/Bb.  *(Note: The Fmaj7/Bb can also be written as Bbmaj9(#11). Whichever is easier for you to read works.)

     Fmaj7     Dm7/F
It's knocking off
   Fmaj7   Dm7/F
My diamond wig
Bbmaj7   Am7           Dm7      Am7
Knocking me down onto the platinum ground
Gm9     Am7    Gm9/Bb     Am7/C   Bb/C
Woke up in a   beauti     ful   dream

(repeat intro)

Fmaj7          Fmaj7/Bb
I got hit by a mink car
Am7       Dm7
Hit by a mink car
Am7   Dm7  G7
Driven by a guitar
        Dm7              Dm7/C          G7/B     G7
And the silver chauffeur says that it's all in your head
           Gm7 Bb/C  Fmaj7 (back to intro)
When you're 24 karat  dead


Asus4/E A Asus4/E A
In my dream 
           Dm   G       A     Dm
She is reaching past my hollow core
Esus4/B E Esus4/B E
And her smile's 
    Abmaj7               Gm7     C7
An "open" sign on an abandoned store