Guitar Tab:Mink Car (Song)

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Mink Car (Song)
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: F Major
Year: 2001
Tabbed By: JJRRutgers
Fmaj7 Fmaj7/Bb Fmaj7 Fmaj7/Bb

     Fmaj7     Dm7(9)/F
It's knocking off
   Fmaj7   Dm7(9)/F
My diamond wig
Bbmaj7(9)   Am7           Dm7      Am7
Knocking me down onto the platinum ground
Gm9     Am7    Gm9/Bb     Am7/C   Bb
Woke up in a   beauti     ful   dream

(repeat intro)

Fmaj7          Fmaj7/Bb
I got hit by a mink car
Am7(9)   Dm7(9)
Hit by a mink car
Am7(9) Dm7(9)  G7
Driven by a guitar
        Dm7              Fmaj7          G7
And the silver chauffeur says that it's all in your head
            Bbmaj7(9)    Fmaj7 (back to intro)
When you're 24 karats    dead


Amaj    Amaj7
In my dream 
           Dm   Gmaj     Amaj   Dm
She is reaching past my hollow core
Emaj      Emaj7
And her smile's 
    G#maj               Bb      Cmaj
An "open" sign on an abandoned store