Guitar Tab:Dog

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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Major
Year: 2018
Tabbed By: sapphirebullets

Since this song is in 31 Tone Equal Temperament, and Linnell does not play any... normal people chords, the notation system will rely on intervals rather than chords. The main quality of the chord (major/minor) is always named in the interval, it will just have a funky adjective describing it. Good luck soldiers

[C sept. min 3rd (Septimal minor third starting from C)]
He's the kind of dog
Who when presented with his heart's desire
Will turn his nose away

[ lesser septimal tritone, with A as the top note, a slightly lower Eb as the Bottom. functions as a wonky F7 ]
He's the kind of dog
Who sees a smiling friend and says

[C sept. min 3rd]
"I need no smiling friend today"

[F7 lesser septimal tritone]
He's a dog that made his money
Selling troubled assets

[C sept. min 3rd]
Now he spends his time staring at the door
Staring at the door

(... kind of? Chromatic walk up. Playing chromatic quarter tones (24 TET) sounds good enough.)

[24 TET Walkup from C]
He's vigilant, he's patient
He cannot be dissuaded

[F7 lesser septimal tritone]
There's nothing more compelling

[24 TET WalkDOWN]
Than staring at the door

G (normal G. a relief, I know.)

Melodica Solo Chords:
C sept. min third x4

[C sept. min third]
She's the kind of dog
Who knows the smell of victory
But can't remember what it's called

[F7 lesser septimal tritone]
She's the kind of dog
Who builds a castle out of other people's things

[C sept. min third]
That she destroyed

[F7 lesser septimal tritone]
She's a dog who wrote the book of love
And then devoured it

[C sept. min third]
Now she's only staring at 
[24 TET walkup from C]
the door
[24 TET walkup from F]
Staring at the door

[24 TET walkup from C]
She's tireless, she's attentive
She will not be distracted
[F lesser septimal tritone]
The point of her existence
[24 TET walkdown]
Is staring at the door

C sept. min third