Guitar Tab:Butcher's Tale

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Butcher's Tale
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1999
Tabbed By: sapphirebullets

||: Dm G | Dm G | Dm G | Dm G :||

Dm         G        Dm     G
A butcher, yes that was my trade
      F      Bbadd9       F      A
But a king's schilling is now my fee
     Dm        G          Dm       G
But a butcher I guess I should have stayed
        F         G      A
For the slaughter that I see

And the preacher in his pulpit
Says "go and fight, do what is right"
But the preacher doesn't hear these guns
So I guess he sleeps at night

Am          Dm            Dm7/C
And aye, my mind keeps on shaking
Dm6/B           Bbmaj7
My eye keeps on shaking
Dm                Dm7/C
My heart keeps on shaking
Dm6/B            Bb
My hand keeps on shaking
My arms keep on shaking
Am            G
I want to go home
F                Eb
Please let me go home
Go home

| Dm G | Dm G | Dm G | Dm G |

I have seen a friend of mine 
hang on a wire like some rag doll
And in the heat the flies come down 
and cover up the boy

And the heat comes down in Dunpresskeep 
in Richburgdon and Governor's Bluff
If the priest he could go and see the flies
Wouldn't pray for the sound of guns

And aye, my mind can't stop shaking
My hands can't stop shaking
My eye can't stop shaking
My heart can't stop shaking
I want to go home
Please let me go home
Go home.