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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: D Major
Year: 2015
Year after year
Though every dream of a pony would end in tears
The cake was lit and as you blew the candles out

Your heart refilled
And every year
               G         A
Your dream was killed 

       D        D/B      G            G/E
It may take an ocean of whiskey and time
        A/C#        A       D/F#       D
To wash all of the letdown out of your mind
         G/B            G            Em         A/C#
And this may not be the thing you requested but I
       D          G   A    D
Am the answer to all your prayers

G   A    D    D/B
All this time
G           G/E             A/C#      A      D/F#   D
Interested agents have been eavesdropping upstairs
              G/B G   Em       A/C#       D         G   A    D         G    A
When will you re - cognize that I am the answer to all your prayers? /  You ordered...

The rest of the song follows that pattern, more or less, although the melody varies a bit. The bridge is:

It might seem like a thankless existence
But don't lose hope just yet
You'll be remembered for your persistence
    G6                      C#dim/G
And this is the thanks you get

That should be more or less correct. Enjoy!