Chronology:You'll Miss Me

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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
You'll Miss Me (Demo 1) 1:57

Wiggle Diskette, 1985 Promotional Demo Tape #3, The Frank O' Toole Show, Bill Krauss Demos 1985 Crowd intro. Church organ and electric piano backing, with a very mellow vocal.
You'll Miss Me (Demo 2) 1:53

1985 Demo Tape 1985 Faster than Lincoln version; lyrical variations: "you'll miss me, but I'm already dead" and "I look up and I don't see a cloud...anywhere." Uncomfortable, but still mellow vocal.
You'll Miss Me (Rhythm Section Instrumental) 1:47

1985 Promotional Demo Tape #1 1985 Instrumental version of the 1985 demo tape version.
You'll Miss Me 1:53

Lincoln, Then: The Earlier Years 1988 Vocals are practically screamed, fast paced and angry instrumental.