Chronology:Hearing Aid

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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
Hearing Aid (Dial-A-Song) 2:59

Dial-A-Song 1989 Musically very similar to the finished version, with a shorter outro. Features the line "Cause I'm not as fucked up as I want to be".
Hearing Aid (Demo) 2:54

Flood Demos 1989 "...fucked up" changed to "...messed up".
Hearing Aid 3:26

Flood, Birdhouse In Your Soul (EP) 1990
Hearing Aid (Flood Show) 4:17

TMBG Unlimited 2001
Hearing Aid (Live In Australia) 3:01

Flood Live In Australia 2015
Hearing Aid (Alt. Version) 1:44

TMBG Shop 2022 New version of the song played as the intro to the second half of live shows in 2022