Blender 1.1

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Blender 1.1
Compilation by Various Artists
First released January 1995 Tracks
Label Dennis Publishing Length

Blender 1.1 is the first issue of Blender, a digital music magazine, published through CD-ROMs. They Might Be Giants appeared on the this issue, giving an acoustic performance of "Extra Savoir Faire" and "Unrelated Thing" from John Henry. In the manner of any good magazine, the issue also included horoscopes, which were read by Linnell and Flansburgh. The remainder of the magazine's content consists primarily of reviews and interviews. The segments featuring TMBG can be viewed here.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Extra Savoir Faire They Might Be Giants 2:37
2 Unrelated Thing They Might Be Giants 2:40