TMBG In 4 Chords/Converting

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How to Convert a Song into TMBG in 4 Chords Format[edit]

If you are musical, this is actually not very hard, just time consuming.

  1. Go to the wiki page of the song you want to convert
  2. Open the guitar tab (if there is no guitar tab, just transcribe the song into key of G)
  3. Figure out what key the song is in (probably what the last chord will be, but not always. If you can't figure it out, this is probably going to be too hard for you anyway)
  4. Transpose the chords into the key of G

The easiest way to transpose is to:

  1. Assign each chord the numberical value based on it's position in the scale (ex. base chord=1, one chord above that=2, etc.) and other information needed about the note (e.x. minor). A song in the key of C, for example, with chord pattern C G F Am would be changed to 1 5 4 6m
  2. Replace the chords with this method:
1= G

2= A
2m= Am
3= B

4= C

5= D

6= E

6m= Em

7= F

Copy then paste the song on a new TMBG In 4 Chords page along with the additional chords needed for the song

NOTE: Generally, if there are 3 or more chords needed for a song, it is not a good TMBG in 4 Chords song.