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I actually don't remember much about the show itself. This was my first TMBG concert and it was pretty exciting that they were coming so near to the podunk town I lived in. My friend and I planned to go and she asked if we should buy tickets beforehand; I was like, "oh, come on, it's They Might Be Giants, of course it won't sell out." So we got to the venue at about 7:30 on the show night and asked at the information desk where it was. The girl told us where, then also told us it was sold out. My friend gave me a (well-deserved) look of death, but then the information girl said she had two tickets she couldn't use (obviously, since she was working the desk) and sold them to us for face value. Five bucks apiece! The show was in a big ballroom in the student union, enormous and with terrible acoustics, but I guess it didn't matter so much since it was just John, John & tape machine. We got about third row from the front, on Flans's side. Pretty much all I remember about the show itself is the enormous drum, and that we had a great time. I'm still grateful to that info desk girl.